8 “Must-have” WordPress Plugins for your Website

8 “Must-have” WordPress Plugins for your Website

Everyone loves surfing the internet and accessing various websites across the world wide web. These websites are made up of many elements such as coding, images, content, directories, plugins, etc. Plugins are software that helps in executing or performing a specific function on a website.

Plugins help a website to function smoothly. In other words, plugins can be referred to as the backbone of a website. Each and every function of a website be it site appearance or website functionality, plugins cover it all. The plugins are easy to install and can be installed from the plugins menu in WordPress.

Wordpress Plugins

There are various websites plugins to choose from and one can easily get confused between relevant and irrelevant plugins. Here is a list of Top 8 “must-have” WordPress plugins for your website:

1) UpdraftPlus

2) Yoast SEO

3) Social Media and Share Icons

4) Facebook Pixels

5) Monster Insights

6) WP Forms

7) W3 Total Cache

8) Insert Headers and Footers


Managing a website is not an easy task especially when it becomes popular and has more valuable and quality content. Sometimes a loss of data or a server crash can result in deletion of the important contents of the website which can lead to a downfall of your site rank or can also sometimes result in website deletion.

Updraft plus plugin helps to avoid this risk of deletion of website content due to any unforeseen circumstances. UpdraftPlus is a backup plugin that helps a website owner to create, schedule and restores a website’s data without any risk of loss of content.

This plugin allows a website owner to easily duplicate or migrate websites, it also backs up non-wp files and databases, provides database encryption and also provides expert support making it an ideal backup plugin.


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular and widely used SEO plugin for WordPress. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO plays a crucial role in promoting a website. Yoast SEO is a plugin that is easy to use and understand.

This SEO plugin helps a website owner to promote his/ her website and improve the website ranking in the search engine results. This plugin shows the readability level of your website/ webpage/ post that can help to improve the website rankings.

This plugin also allows you to edit the snippet i.e. the website/ webpage title, URL and description that will be shown on the search engine results page.

Yoast SEO

Social Media and Share Icons

Social Media today is a platform that helps businesses to grow and gain a more prominent and relevant reach. In today’s world, it is important that your website should be social media-friendly.

Social Media and Share Icon is a plugin that helps you to allow a user to share his/her favorite product/ service/ blog etc., to any or popular social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

This plugin helps a user to share his favorite content on the website by clicking on the share button. This plugin also allows a website owner to keep a track of the total number of shares on social media by website visitors/ users.

Social Share

Facebook Pixels

Facebook Pixels plugin helps you to track the number of visitors from Facebook to your website. Facebook Pixel lets you run and track your ad campaigns on Facebook/ Instagram etc.

Pixel also helps a website owner to know various analytical stats of his website like users of which age group is interested in your website, from which area/ location most users are coming from or which gender is more interested in your content etc.

Facebook Pixel also helps a website owner in remarketing and targeting only those users who are interested in your content leading to the effective utilization of your advertisement budget.

Monster Insights

Monster insights plugin is very much similar to google analytics. Monster Insights plugin allows a website owner to check and easily add or customize his analytics data i.e. the number of visitors on a website, the total number of impressions, source of website traffic, the total number of clicks, etc., from his WordPress dashboard.

The monster insights plugin has two versions i.e. free version and pro version. The pro version offers more premium features in comparison to the free version. The pro version is a paid version.

Monster insights plugin requires to connect your google analytics with your monster insights plugin. This plugin can be easily installed from the plugin list on WordPress.

Monster Insights

WP Forms

Wpforms is a WordPress website plugin that helps a website owner to place a contact or feedback form on his/her WordPress website. Wpforms plugin has an easy user interface i.e. the form is a drag and drop form and can be easily placed on a website.

Wpforms offers a wide range of form templates to choose from. These forms are also easy to load and are mobile-friendly.

This plugin also helps a website owner to attach various add-ons with the form like PayPal addon, Mailchimp addon, Stripe addon, etc. These forms can also be customized according to the need of the user or website owner.

WP Forms

W3 Total Cache

Nowadays people are more interested in those websites that can load as fast as possible. No, one likes a website that has more loading time. Websites with more loading time can lead to a downfall in the website rankings and disinterested users.

W3 Total Cache plugin helps a website to boost its webpages by caching the contents on the website. W3 Total Cache makes a website mobile-friendly makes Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

This plugin also comes with a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) support that helps in making a website more secure. This plugin also helps in improving the search rankings of a website.

W3 Total Cache

Insert Headers and Footers

Insert headers and footers plugin is one of the most important plugins for your website. This plugin allows a user to easily add scripts, header/ footer code, google analytics code, facebook pixel code, upload any .css file to any theme without editing any theme files.

These codes could be for any program or application to work on your website for example if you want to apply google analytics or any affiliate marketing banner or text advertisement etc.

It becomes difficult for a beginner to place these codes in the header or footer section of the website. Insert headers and Footers plugin lets you edit the header or footer of your website easily.

Insert Headers and Footers

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