What is Google Webmaster? and 7 steps to get registered with Google Search Console

What is Google Webmaster? and 7 steps to get registered with Google Search Console

Have you ever wondered how different websites get listed on Google/ Google Search Console?


How can your website show up in Google Search Results?

There are many websites present on the World Wide Web. But, many of them go unnoticed as a result of which their audience also decreases.

The only solution to increase traffic on these sites is to get these sites listed in the Google search results where these sites get noticed and also experience an increase in their website visitors.

In this blog, I will tell you about how you can list your website on Google, what is its procedure and what are the benefits of listing your site on Google/ Google search console. Let’s take each topic one by one:-

Which tool is used to list your website on Google?

The tools that are used to list a website on Google are known as Google Webmasters Tools (GWT) also known as Google Search Console (GSC).  Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google to its users, website owners, page owners, etc. for giving a boost to their website.

The Google webmaster allows you to monitor your site’s content, to submit the site’s data for crawling and indexing which can help in listing or showing your website as a result for a query entered by a user, to search for any technical error or issues in the website, etc.

Why it is important to get listed on the Google Search Console?

A) Google Search Console helps in improving the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website

B) It helps you to get your website noticed and bring the right audience to your website.

C) Google Webmasters also help a website owner to find various indexing, crawling, and usability errors on a website.

D) This tool also helps a website owner in optimizing the site loading time of his/ her website.

7 Steps to get your website registered on Google Search Console:

A) Open Google search console

Go to Google.com and search for Google search console open the first result in the search results page (To know more about Search Engine Results Page click here) or type search.Google.com/search-console/welcome in the address bar of your browser.

B) Sign In

Sign in to the desired Gmail account by entering your username and password.

C) The following screen will appear

Google Search Console layout- Welcome Page

D) Enter your domain name in the domain column and click on continue

E)The following box will appear

Domain Verification Dialog Box - Google Search Console

Copy the code into the DNS configuration of your website. After copying the code click on verify.


Enter your domain name in the verify prefix column in the following format:

 https://www.yoursitename.com and click on verify.

F) After the verification the following dialog box will appear:

Ownership Verified DIalog Box - Google Search Console

In this dialog box, you will get a message that your ownership is auto verified and that your website is now linked with Google.

G) Your registration in the Google search console is now completed.

Now you can search your website name on Google.com and your website will be present in the Google search results.

Features of Google webmaster tools

A) Search Queries

The Google search queries help the user/ owner of the website to find out which search queries are reoccurring and which queries are relevant according to the content of the website.

The search queries help an owner of the website in setting or changing his website content according to the needs of the people or their queries this further helps in improving the ranking of a website which can further help in attracting the traffic on the website.

The Google search console lets you know the queries or the terms that are most searched which can help the website owner in improving his content.

B) Search Keywords

A keyword is a word or concept of great significance. Search Keywords are the keywords or terms that help a website user to know what terms are most searched for.

It helps in finding out which keywords are most popular which further helps the owner to find out which keywords are important for him to put in his title so that his website can appear in most of the search results.

Without adding the correct search keywords there is no use of correct or relevant content. It is most important to link and involve the correct keywords for your website.

C) Search Appearance

Appearance refers to the way that someone or something looks. Search Appearance refers to the appearance of the snippet of your search results. A snippet is a term used to describe search results.

A Snippet consists of a title, a uniform resource locator (URL), and the description of that website or result. In the Google search console, the search appearance includes-

i) Data structure – what will be the structure of the data and how it will be displayed to the user

ii) Rich Cards – rich cards also known as rich snippets allows the user to directly land on the desired section in a website

iii) Data highlighter – it is a tool that Google uses in order to display your data in a more attractive manner.

iv) Html improvements – The Html improvements describe the issues within the Html coding of a website.

D) Google Index

Google Index refers to the process when the owner of the website submits his website’s data in the Google search console in order to get ranked by Google and appear in Google search results.

There is a mechanism behind the whole process i.e. after the website owner submits his website’s data than the Google bots also known as robots crawl on the website in order to read the website’s content and after crawling Indexing is done i.e the website gets listed on Google search results. This includes the following:

i) Indexing Status – This option shows whether all the pages of the website are linked or indexed successfully or not or what are the issues that are occurring while indexing the page.

ii) Blocked Resources – These are those resources that cause problems in indexing the websites

iii) Remove URL’s – This option lets you remove the desired page URL that you do not want to index in Google

E) Crawl

A web crawler also known as a spider bot or a robot is an internet bot that crawls and browses the pages of a website before showing any results in response to the search queries.

After indexing these crawlers read the content of the website in order to show search results. This includes the following:

i) Crawl Errors – This option shows the errors that are present on the website and are causing problems in crawling.

ii) Crawl Stats – This option shows the stats like how many times pages have been crawled etc.

F) Web Tools

This option shows the web tools available for a website. This includes the following:

i) Ad Experience Report – This includes the advertisement experience or how many times the advertisement has been watched on mobile as well as desktop

ii) Abusive Experiences – The abusive experiences are referred to the misleading objects, advertisements, fake messages, etc. that can redirect the visitor to the user directly to another page or website without letting your content to be viewed.

iii) Testing Tools – These tools include structured data testing tool, structured data markup helper and Email Markup Tester.

G) Enhancements

This option is more focused on the SEO part of your website. This option includes:

i) Speed Insights- Speed Insights also provide a detailed report on website loading speed and also provides advice to optimize the website loading speed.

ii) Mobile Usability- This option gives an idea about how your webpage is going to perform on a mobile device.

iii) Breadcrumbs- Breadcrumbs helps you to make your website more user-friendly by providing a navigation path to the user.

iv) Sitelinks searchbox- This option helps a website owner to see which when his/her sitelinks searchbox was shown to a user in the search engine results.


The only way to get your website noticed by the audience is to get your website listed in the Google Search Console.

The Google Search Console not only helps in increasing your website visitors but also helps you to improve the SEO of your website to rank higher in the search engine results.

It also helps you to optimize your site to make it more user-friendly.

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